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Who Is RG Williams?

RG Williams is a name you might not have heard before… yet chances are likely you’ve seen his work and may have even attended one of his training. He is known as “The Mentor’s Mentor”, the Go-To brain behind the majority of the real estate training curriculums taught by many of the most popular real estate “celebrities” in the real estate flip education industry.

Many of the TV celebrities turned to RG’s systems, teaching, coaching and even his personal team of mentors, for their expertise that thousands of students have used to propel their own success as savvy real estate investors.

“I went from having lost everything in my divorce earning $6.86 per hour with a 480 credit score, to moving over $190,000,000 in Real Estate and training over 15,000 students those same strategies.”

RG decided to pull back the curtain so you can get the Formulas for Success first-hand by this highly sought after mentor. His team and resources to provide a level of training for real estate investors that has never been seen in the marketplace before.

Because he’s survived multiple large swings in the national market, and various disruptions that pushed many real estate investors to the sidelines or out of the business entirely, RG is teaching the exact strategies and formulas that he used to create his own personal empire to his students to position themselves to take full advantage of the current market and prepare for any changes as they happen. 


So What is RG’s Secret….?

2021 and 2022 will result in the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the real estate market, you need to be prepared. You need to understand how to talk to sellers, to show them additional ways to sell their properties outside of the traditional “listing with an agent”.

The simple and unique way RG teaches his students prepares them to create success and profit out of every deal!

You don’t need you own cash to invest

You don’t need to have excellent credit to make a profit

You don’t need to have experience in construction, or remodeling to make massive profits on flips

You can even do this from your home, and flip properties virtually

“REAL Abundance is the way you view yourself with regard to money. If you see yourself as someone who will always be poor and struggling, you have low wealth consciousness.

If you see yourself as rich, or at this time potentially rich regardless of your personal net worth, you have high wealth consciousness.” – RG Williams

“Real Estate investing isn’t complicated and one doesn’t have to spend a fortune to learn out to invest. I take a different, very simple approach for investing in real estate. I designed my programs are  to teach… HANDS ON AND HOW TO…

Look at every deal and create profit

There’s always a way! This is a people business not a property business. Understanding how to talk to sellers and discover what their needs and/or frustration is, and then providing the solution creates massive success for all parties involved. 


How to focus

How to use real estate investing to generate pallets of money for you and your family. To pay off debt, freeing up time to spend with your family. To take that Dream Vacation. Live wherever you desire, drive what you want, eat the food of choice, creating a Life and Lifestyle. 

Master Class

New to investing or limited budget for training? Join our Master Class and learn the proven and successful strategies to work with sellers and create upfront lump sums and residual income. Leverage OPM (Other People’s Money) and OPC (Other People’s Credit) to build your real estate portfolio.

The next couple of years will see the greatest wealth transfer in real estate history. Are you positioned to take advantage of that transfer? 

The VIP Mentoring

Have more experience or simply want to turn the volume up on your current investing? Work directly with one of our Top Mentors 1 on 1 and take your investing to the next level.

Our VIP mentors work personally with you to create and execute the best plan of action to generating quick cash as well as long term generational wealth. 

Training Programs With RG Williams

Online Master Class

VIP One on One Mentoring

Learn from the best… real estate investment strategies, business, money, finance and everything else to increase your wealth and secure your legacy every week for free on the Hang With RG Podcast

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I’ve Helped Thousands Of Investors Change
Their Lives, And I Can Help You As Well…

“RG Williams… much respect! Thx for all you do while serving others – Everyone in the RE game should be listening to the advice RG offers”

Mike Baird

Flip Man Mike, Flip Men from Spike TV, Smarter Real Estate Tribe

“RG! You the Man! I’m so thankful that I attended your 3 Day Real Estate Training Class! I learned so much and is one fo the reasons I am doing DEAL after DEAL. Blessed to have you as a mentor and a GREAT FRIEND!”

Victor Quinones

Flipping 101-HGTV

“My wife and I were in your marketing class – between you and Mike Baird we were blown away!”

Clif Dayton

Real Estate Investor

“Hey RG, thank you for the time you spent with us and all the knowledge you brought to the table. I left with a much better mindset then I walked in with, as far as feeling like my vision is attainable.”


Jason Rogall

“RG, I’m just writing to tell you how JD and I appreciate the opportunity to spend the last few days together. We were completely mesmerized by who you are, where you have been and what you do. We appreciate your sharing your wisdom from life as much as teachings about the real estate business. This has been truly the best of best mentorship!”

Yuling & JD

“Hi RG, this is Crystal Morrissette, I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for everything. It was a really great event, I learned a ton, and I am ready to implement it! I also really appreciate how available you have made yourself to us, that means a lot”

Crystal Morrissette

“You have mentored many. I was one of them – San Diego 2017” –

Victoria Bwirte Kettnitz

“There are not words enough to express my gratitude for everything that you shared with us these past few days!”

Mary Ann Wallace

“You were a big inspiration to Cyndi and I in 2015 to push forward in this space”

Chris & Cyndi Fagan

More Satisfied Students

“Good Morning RG! It was truly a pleasure to have met and learned from you. Thank you for being so generous with your wisdom and so open. Never doubt that you are changing lives.. you played a significant part in changing ours!”

William, Carleen and Veronica Bloomflield

“The first time I met RG Williams, I knew that I was in the presence of a Master. His teachings blew my mind and his level of integrity shifted my consciousness. I was stuck in a poverty mind set and didn’t even know it! After working with RG, my life began to transform Immediately! I took all his teachings and put them into practice. I feel alive everyday! Thank you RG, you’re the real deal!”

Trina Walton

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