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“No one ever became wealthy in actual material possessions until he or she first became wealthy in his or her own mind.”

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The process of thinking wealth, creates a high abundance consciousness, both in Self Awareness and in Financial Awareness. Do you perceive yourself as wealthy? Can you see yourself successful? Can you see yourself as a millionaire? Do you consider yourself deserving of success, of great riches, a life of luxury?

It is important to answer these questions right now – before you go any further – to decide if you are ready to pursue the wealth and well-being that is waiting for you.

Walt Disney, when asked how he accomplish so much, said “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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Design your destiny

“When you want to learn how to build wealth, you have to learn how to increase and concentrate value.”

There are fortunes to be made with every tick of the clock, in every economic environment, you just have to be ready.

To be ready you don’t need to have a great deal of money. As a matter of fact, Having money right now actually has little to do with how successful you can be. Far more important than money are knowledge, the proper temperament and wealth consciousness. 

When you understand and implement the simple formula for successful real estate investing, the world is your playground.  

There are no secrets to success, only formulas. Abundance Consciousness has a formula and that is:

V + Q + S = Success

V = Value
Q = Quantity
S = Speed

Value plus Quantity plus Speed equals Success, Wealth and Happiness.

Anything of value that you would like to have performed, plus the quantity, plus the speed or velocity at which it gets done, provides wealth.

Value refers to how well a particular job is done; Quantity to how much is done; and speed to how fast it gets done.

Together they produce success, wealth and happines.


Student’s Testimonials

“RG Williams… much respect! Thx for all you do while serving others – Everyone in the RE game should be listening to the advice RG offers”

Mike Baird

Flip Man Mike, Flip Men from Spike TV, Smarter Real Estate Tribe

“RG! You the Man! I’m so thankful that I attended your 3 Day Real Estate Training Class! I learned so much and is one fo the reasons I am doing DEAL after DEAL. Blessed to have you as a mentor and a GREAT FRIEND!”

Victor Quinones

Flipping 101-HGTV

“My wife and I were in your marketing class – between you and Mike Baird we were blown away!”

Clif Dayton

Real Estate Investor

“Hey RG, thank you for the time you spent with us and all the knowledge you brought to the table. I left with a much better mindset then I walked in with, as far as feeling like my vision is attainable.”

Jason Rogall

“RG, I’m just writing to tell you how JD and I appreciate the opportunity to spend the last few days together. We were completely mesmerized by who you are, where you have been and what you do. We appreciate your sharing your wisdom from life as much as teachings about the real estate business. This has been truly the best of best mentorship!”
Yuling & JD

“Hi RG, this is Crystal Morrissette, I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for everything. It was a really great event, I learned a ton, and I am ready to implement it! I also really appreciate how available you have made yourself to us, that means a lot”

Crystal Morrissette

“You have mentored many. I was one of them – San Diego 2017” –

Victoria Bwirte Kettnitz

“There are not words enough to express my gratitude for everything that you shared with us these past few days!”

Mary Ann Wallace

“You were a big inspiration to Cyndi and I in 2015 to push forward in this space”
Chris & Cyndi Fagan


Success Programs


More Satisfied Students

“Good Morning RG! It was truly a pleasure to have met and learned from you. Thank you for being so generous with your wisdom and so open. Never doubt that you are changing lives.. you played a significant part in changing ours!”

William, Carleen and Veronica Bloomflield

“The first time I met RG Williams, I knew that I was in the presence of a Master. His teachings blew my mind and his level of integrity shifted my consciousness. I was stuck in a poverty mind set and didn’t even know it! After working with RG, my life began to transform Immediately! I took all his teachings and put them into practice. I feel alive everyday! Thank you RG, you’re the real deal!”

Trina Walton

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