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Who is RG Williams?

, RG Williams began his successful career in real estate following the teachings of his personal mentor, Dr. A. D. Kessler. Like Dr. Kessler, Mr. Williams began with literally nothing to his name, learning to profit from the owner-financing boom of the ’90s.

With his rising success, Mr. Williams discovered ways to assist others to implement the formulas of success in business and in life. He is the “Mentor’s Mentor”, the ‘go-to’ mentor for the Celebrity “Gurus” having created, developed and written training curriculum for such “Gurus” as Financial Freedom Report, Ron LeGrand, A.D. Kessler, Dean Graziosi, Peter Souleris (A&E’s Flipping Boston), Tarek and Christina (HGTV’s Flip or Flop) and many others.They trust him with their students and know he will assist them to achieve success. 

Now, having taught thousands of individuals and numerous corporations how to employ proven success strategies, formulas, and techniques, from behind the scenes – Mr. Williams, like the Great Oz, steps out from behind the curtain with his greatest collection of training systems to date. The same success strategies and formulas that the Guru’s have trusted their students with. 

Combining the powerful Universal Laws of Success with his proven success in business, real estate and life, Mr. Williams shows you how to achieve lasting success and fulfillment. How to get Rich, Stay Rich and Enjoy Being Rich. 

You can get the formulas of success first-hand from a personal VIP training program by this acclaimed author, trainer, speaker, businessman, real estate investor and life improvement specialist. Many successful business leaders and real estate investors have all benefited from RG Williams’ Life, Business, Wealth and Riches Improvement courses! His programs have helped thousands of people from every walk of life, to secure their families and themselves, to make their fortunes and achieve a fulfilled life of independence, peace, and abundance.

While sleeping on an air mattress in a tiny apartment, RG learned the formula for success. Within a few short years, he had secured a successful life and developed a successful business and real estate investing blueprinting system. He can show you, as he has for thousands of others, how to blueprint your life and business to get, and keep, ANYTHING you want and enjoy doing it!

“””He has made millions of dollars for clients and students, from entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals, beginner to seasoned investors, professionals and leaders. He has consulted with all levels from the receptionist to CEO, from shipping clerk to Wall Street Banker.

Guest speaker on local and national radio, television shows and podcasts, such as “The Jim Sumpter Show”, “Real Estate Roundtable”, “Premier Real Estate Tribe (Spike TV’s Flip Man Mike Baird)”, “Property Haus Partners”, “OvercomingU”, and many more. He has ‘hands-on’ experience in leading companies from start-up to multi-millions. He has the experience and extensive personal involvement in virtually every aspect of real estate and real estate investing.

Co-Authored “Rising To The Top” with Jack Canfield and Jim Rohn, “Success Strategies” with Brian Tracy, Dr. Warren Benis and Marjorie Blanchard. Personally authored his newest “Pull Your Head Out and Live Your Life”

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